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Located inside the Mother Nurture Center
2610 Autumn Ave.
Memphis, TN 38112
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Photography by Heather Grinnell

MAMA CIRCLE, our signature, premium gathering for moms, blends support, coaching, and socialization for moms and babies. We bring in special guests and topics each month, are not afraid to talk about the real aspects of motherhood, and do so in a fun, warm atmosphere. 
MAMA CIRCLE welcomes pregnant moms, newly postpartum moms and their babies, toddler moms, working moms, SAHMs, WAHMs, to gather together in support of building a strong Memphis mama community. 
We can't do this mama thing on our own! Let's create that village everyone talks about! Be a part of the global movement of mothers lifting each other up. Our group offers mamas lots of love and support. 
Each month we have open discussion, as well as guided topics, such as sleep, postpartum sexuality, self-care, healthy boundaries, feeding, and more. We also bring in the finest mama related businesses and special guests to each circle to further enrich the experience.
At MAMA CIRCLE you can receive... support of all kinds: breastfeeding, parenting, babywearing, postpartum recovery, relationships/sex, parenting, pregnancy, birth, birth story processing, and so much more.
MAMA CIRCLE is community. love. pampering. education. and fun!
To attend you MUST pre-register. No drop-ins. 
Cost: $15 per group
          $25 if you attend both circles in one month
You may register below via our Paypal buttons, or send $ to @zoe-etkin on Venmo
2020 Schedule
     Tues 1/7 1pm-2:30pm
     Sat 1/18 10am-12:00pm
     Tues 2/4 10am-12:00pm
     Sat 2/15 10am-12:00pm
     Tues 3/3 10am-12:00pm
     Sat 3/14 10am-12:00pm
     Tues 4/7 10am-12:00pm
     Sat 4/18 10am-12:00pm
     Tues 5/5 10am-12:00pm
     Sat 5/16 10am-12:00pm
     Tues 6/2 10am-12:00pm
     Sat 6/13 10am-12:00pm
     Tues 7/7 10am-12:00pm
     Sat 7/18 10am-12:00pm
     Tues 8/4 10am-12:00pm
     Sat 8/15 10am-12:00pm
     Tues 9/1 10am-12:00pm
     Sat 9/12 10am-12:00pm
     Tues 10/6 10am-12:00pm
     Sat 10/17 10am-12:00pm
     Tues 11/3 10am-12:00pm
     Sat 11/14 10am-12:00pm
     Tues 12/1 10am-12:00pm
     Sat 12/12 10am-12:00pm

Zoë has a passion for supporting folks through their reproductive journeys, from first menstruation, to pregnancy, to motherhood, and menopause. Learn more about her and MAMA CIRCLE here.

Founder of MAMA CIRCLE

Zoë Etkin