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At MAMA CIRCLE, we understand the information overload coming your way as you prepare for childbirth. With that in mind, our Childbirth Education class (now called Embodied Birthing) streamlines the process for you. We believe that our evidence based curriculum pinpoints what birthing families need to know to have an informed, positive birth. You and your birth partner will learn the physiology of labor, when to go to the hospital, how to cope and comfort measures, interventions and options, partner support skills, the immediate postpartum, first latch, and more. We also explore the significance of the transition from couplehood to parenthood, the sexuality of pregnancy and birth, and the importance of acknowledging the inner journey of birth. 
This cutting edge, super informative curriculum was created by the instructors, Brooke Prudhomme, and Zoë Etkin.
Our next group class series begins at the end of September and runs four weeks (with a one week break in between).
The dates are:
Sundays, Sept. 29, Oct. 6, (skipping Oct. 13), Oct. 20, Oct. 27
We also offer the class privately, or semi-privately when able, in an accelerdssdated timeline. To schedule, please send us a message here.

Embodied Birthing Workshop

$300 per couple

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Brooke has completed a 6 year apprenticeship in traditional midwifery and is awaiting certification through the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM). She began her midwifery apprenticeship with home birth practice, Trillium Womancare, in 2012, under the supervision of Amy Stewart-Banbury, CPM. She is a DONA trained birth doula and was a founding member of the Memphis Birth Collective. She has studied at The Farm and with Mercy in Action. She maintains her NeoNatal Resuscitation Certification and CPR, and is currently working toward her bachelors degree in the science of nursing and her CNM (certified nurse midwife) credentials. She is a birth assistant to Jodilyn Owen, CPM, founder of Cobblestone Midwifery and also to Nikia Grayson, DNP, MPH, CNM, FNP at births associated with Choices Center for Reproductive Health. She collaborates with Olivia Lomax, founder of Delta Groove yoga, to present well informed, birth centered prenatal yoga to the women of the Memphis Community.

Brooke believes in the astounding miracle of creating, growing and birthing a human being. She believes that this process is a natural one and that we are perfectly designed for it. She discusses often the importance of nutrition, movement, and emotional wellness that support a healthy pregnancy and balanced family. Brooke offers guidance to pregnant people rooted in current evidence research,
personal experience and individualized continual assessment so that families can make healthy and safe choices with the best information available.

Student Midwife

Brooke Prudhomme


Zoë has a passion for supporting folks through their reproductive journeys, from first menstruation, to pregnancy, to motherhood, and menopause. Learn more about her and MAMA CIRCLE here.

Founder of MAMA CIRCLE 

Zoë Etkin