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You're preparing for your new baby, buying adorable tiny outfits, diapers, baby gear you aren't sure how to use yet. You want to feel confident when you bring them home, and our baby care class will do just that! Unlike the average class, you'll get not only the basics of soothing, diapering, feeding, bathing, dressing, etc., you'll receive guidance on parenting from a biological and intuitive perspective. What does that mean? Information on what is biologically typical for newborn babies (their habits and instincts), and how to develop your own parenting style based on what we know about newborns, and what works best for your family. We believe a balance between evidence based parenting and intuition based parenting provide families with tangible ways to navigate those early months.
$50 per couple, private classes also available 
Our next class: Wed. November 13, 6pm

Zoë has a passion for supporting folks through their reproductive journeys, from first menstruation, to pregnancy, to motherhood, and menopause. Learn more about her and MAMA CIRCLE here.

Founder of MAMA CIRCLE

Zoë Etkin