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Located inside the Mother Nurture Center
2610 Autumn Ave.
Memphis, TN 38112
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MAMA CIRCLE provides premium gatherings for pregnant, new, and experienced mamas to come together, grow, and totally rock this motherhood thing! Our groups blend coaching, peer support, baby+mama social time, and special guests to create an authentic, fun experience to find friends and thrive as a mama. 

We also offer retreats every few months to help mamas recharge, connect, and spend time focusing on themselves.

The MAMA CIRCLE Doula Registry helps connect Memphis families do birth professionals who can serve them during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. 


Our mission is to create a space for mamas to come together and feel safe, heard, and supported. At MC, you might hear folks asking questions about baby sleep, how to practice better self care, postpartum sex, navigating relationships, parenting styles, breastfeeding, how to enrich your baby's growth, birth complications, and many more topics that our mamas are encouraged to share about. At the forefront of all is the emphasis on IDENTITY. Moms want to figure out who they are after the birth of their baby/babies. Giving birth, adopting, or having a child through surrogacy marks a huge SHIFT in identity for women, their partners, and their family. After birth sometimes we feel lost, we don't recognize our bodies or ourselves. MAMA CIRCLE supports women as they come back to themselves, helping our members find balance between motherhood, personhood, couplehood, passion, and career.

Joining MAMA CIRCLE not only offers moms a community, but also mama mentorship that digs deep to meet you where you are and help reflect back to you how you can grow: as a mother and as more. 



Zoë Etkin is a Memphis native who has recently returned home from nearly a decade living on the west coast. During her time in Los Angeles, she cultivated a career as a doula, fertility coach, and women's health expert. She is also a wife, mother, and author of several books. She enthusiastically brings this experience and her practice to Memphis! MAMA CIRCLE is a dream come true. Offering the Memphis community a safe space to discuss the vital topics of women's reproductive health, family making, sexuality, creativity, and more, feels like what she was meant to do. Find out more about Zoë, her doula practice, and her writing at www.zoeetkin.com


MAMA CIRCLE is thrilled to be moving into the Mother Nurture Center, beginning in January 2020. Maternal Mental Health Therapist Alex Smith invited Zoë & MAMA CIRCLE to join the Mother Nurture Center as founding providers of this new space for Memphis mothers to come and receive support and nurturance. MNC offers mental health services, MAMA circle groups & events, holistic woman/postpartum care, and prenatal & parenting classes, and more to come. Learn more at www.mothernurturecenter901.com